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          Zhejiang Baochuan Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is located Xiaoshan, which is only one river separated from West Lake of Hangzhou, and it is 20KM far away from Xiaoshan International Airport and Hangzhou Railway Station, only 1KM away from Xiaoshan Highway Exit. The traffic around is very convenient.
          Our company is a large joint-stock enterprise specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling SWC, SWP and SWL cross-axis universal couplings, as well as various kinds drive shafts for automobiles, agriculturel machindery, engineering machinery. Comparing with other structural kinds of universal couplings and shafts, our productions are with reasonable design, big transmission torque, high efficientcy, low noise, long using life, wide application and so on. SWC, SWP and SWL cross-axis universal couplings are used widely in main drive and auxiliary transmission of rolling mill, they are also suitable for lifting, mining, engneering machineries, vehicles transportation, petroleum machinery, marine propulsion systems, and papermaking machinery, especially provided a strong support for technological transformation of metallurgical industry and upgrading of mechanical products. Drive shafts can be used for virous of passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, and the products can meet different customer needs.
          We have first-class production equipment, including forging center, heat-treatment center, and machining center. The production equipments includes different kinds of CNC lathes, machining centers, boring, milling, broaching slotting and dynamic balancing machines etc. to meet production requirements for light, medium, heavy and large components, productions, and it forms a professional, series production structure. The equipment investment is also in a leading position in the same industry.
          Our company has a group of professional designing, producing for coupling and shafts, they have rigorous working style, high level business knowledge and quality requirements, to make everything more excellent.
          We win with our production quality. We strictly accords to ISO9001 Standard Quality Management System at every link in the production, and posts our slogan: “The next project (customer) satisfaction is the quality assurance”, we continous improve ourselves to meet customer needs.
          Our entrepreneurial spirit is people-oriented, quality first, based on domestic and expanded on overseas. Warmly welcome new and old customer at home and abroad to come for business negotiation, sincre cooperation, and create both our briliant future.
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